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Gyate Booru is a booru for all edits and types of Gyate Gyate.

What is a Gyate?
Gyate Gyate (Japanese: ぎゃてコラ), is a series of illustrations of various characters, usually from the Touhou Project, that originated from Futaba Channel. The original Gyate Gyate comes from a 4 panel comic drawn by Nekomura, of Kasodani Kyouko and Kirisame Marisa.

How do I use the site?
Enter the name of the characters you want to see in the search bar.
To make an account, click on the account button in the top left, then click create account. Enter in the username and password, then click create account.
To upload, click on the upload button in the top left. Remember to tag properly and follow the guidelines.
After uploading, you will not be able to see your images right away. Each image has to be approved by an admin first.

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